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Photos below sent in by David Yater
More of that fabled trip to México...

Group Photo 1
Photo 2

For identifications see Note at bottom of this page.
Mrs. Weeg's Latin Class Toga Party

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6

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NOTE on identifications of people in the photos:
Before adding the names/captions to the pictures (a process that takes a fair amount of time) I am placing the i.d.s below for your verification and correction. After hearing back from yall over the next month or so and when all the i.d.s seem certain then I will attach them to the photos. Thanks, Doyle
Mexican Trip Photo 1

Back row: Danny Cook, Tommy Horton, David Yater, C.D. Downing, Don Collins, Pat Hale, Barton Grooms, Srta. Slaughter, Betty Ratliff, Don Green

Mid row: Kenda McGibbon, Carol Letcher, Denise Honey, (standing by the sofa) Sally Cowper, (at far right)Londa Coker

Front row: Helen Gray, Kay Jameson?, Marilyn McCrary?, Mary Sue Hale?, Frances Reagan, Jane Hill?, China Carroll, Gerry Girdner, Ramona Molina?, Sue Barnes, Nancy King, Sylvia Mendolia

Mexican Trip Photo 2

Carol Letcher, Helen Gray Marilyn McCrary, Kay Jameson, Barton Grooms, Margaret Fryar C.D. Downing, Jane Hill, Kenda McGibbon, Jackie Smith, Paula Hon

Toga Party Photo 1  ?, Bobby McMillan, Wilma Cole, ?, Charles Weeg, Mrs. Weeg

Toga Party Photo 2  Jackie Smith, Barbara Shields, Kathie McCree (standing) and Charlene Lansing

Toga Party Photo 3  Valjean LaCroix, ?, Bobby McMillan and Jerry Richardson

Toga Party Photo 4  Mrs. Weeg and Danne Green

Toga Party Photo 5 J erry Richardson and David Yater

Toga Party Photo 6 Kathy McCree, Charleen Lansing, ?, ?, David Yater, Annette Boykin, Barbara Shields, ? Val Jean LaCroix